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Twilight Struggle : Interview sur la nouvelle version - English - Intro

 Why the update ?

Well currently, i’m working with the Vassal devs, helping track down and fix all the different module (non engine related) bugs that we received reports on since the 3.1 beta first came. One of the modules with a bug was Twilight Struggle, which I created so I had to fix it.

What do you have changed ?

Only one change was made. As you know, modules I make some times have features in them that Brent created so that they can be tested before the feature actually gets put into the vassal engine core permanently for general use.

In the case of Twilight Struggle, the early test version of what is now known as the Mouse over Stack Viewer was implemented. With the recent improvements to Vassal since 3.1 this early test code became broken and incompatible causing errors for users. So I basically had to remove the old test code and switch over to the proper code that is now standard in Vassal to stop these bug errors from popping up.