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Twilight Struggle : Interview sur la nouvelle version - English - End

  1st edition cards only for Twilight Struggle and future ?

Yes, you are correct, the module is based on the 1st edition printed by GMT. The subsequent 2nd and 3rd editions of TS have some card changes in their values and specific wording, so players do need to adjust for this when using the module at the present time.

I do plan on eventually updating the module to incorporate these changes, as well as improving it with what I’ve learned since on manipulating Vassal - but when I really can't say I seem to have so many other Vassal related things going on at the moment that I never have time to get back to some of these older things I worked on that need updating.

I have various beta version modules of Twilight Struggle using 2nd/3rd edition changes on my hard drive all in different state/form but not complete ready to go, as I experiment on things I can do and want to add in to the module.

Community ?

I do not actually play TS so am not very aware of what type of community stuff exists around the game. I do know that the module is quite active and that there is one community group from Spain - that are running a tournament with TS and vassal at the moment.


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