Propriétés de A Modest Inclination Towards Speed

Titre:A Modest Inclination Towards Speed

 Auteur(s) : William Retert
 Editeur   : Non
 Joueurs  : 1-1
 Durée     : 20 mn
 Version   : v2.0

Module by :  Chad Mestdagh & Lines J. Hutter

The road ahead beckons, and you want to run the course from start to finish as quickly as possible before you run out of gas. But looking ahead, some of those curves are a little steep. Perhaps it is best not to drive too fast. Each turn you play one card from your hand, adjust your speed accordingly, and move over the appropriate number of road sections. Taking a curve too fast or a jump too slow results in damage which is paid by discarding player cards. If you cross the finish line card, you win. If you run out of cards, or have a “Near Miss” when taking damage, you lose.

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