Propriétés de Goblin Supremacy (Gosu)

Titre:Goblin Supremacy (Gosu)

 Author(s) : Kim Satô
 Publisher   : Moonster Games
 Players       : 2-4
 Duration     : 30 mn
 Version   : v1.2


 In a fantasy world dominated by goblins, when the bloodmoon rises in the sky, a new war begins, and new warlords raise their armies.

GOSU is a hybrid of Race for the Galaxy and Magic: The Gathering. Each player raises an army of goblins made up of soldiers, heroes, magicians, and other classes.

Each turn, a player can play a new goblin, activate a goblin, draw cards or pass. When all players have passed, the player with the most poewrful army wins the battle. The first player to win 3 battles wins the game.

 See the French Video.


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